Project 10︎︎︎ Unilever, Every U Does Good / Agency - Anomaly / Location  - London

Anomaly London collaborated with The Line and the talented illustrator Rune Fisker to craft a captivating series of animated videos that showcase Unilever's diverse social welfare and education initiatives on a global scale.

Navigating through the creative challenge, our mission was to develop a cohesive collection of artwork and animation suitable for deployment across numerous markets worldwide, spanning vastly different cultures such as Indonesia, Poland, India, and South Africa.

The undertaking presented a substantial logistical hurdle, compelling our production team to adopt a modular planning approach. This allowed us to seamlessly execute multiple productions concurrently, with various markets repurposing identical animation components in distinct sections of the narrative. Picture different products seamlessly replacing each other throughout the storyline—it's a complex puzzle. Despite the intricacies, this method enabled us to work with speed and precision, churning out a substantial volume of top-tier animation within a remarkably brief timeframe.